Current Project

Winter 2019: Project Racevanpartdeux, also known as ‘Iacocca’s Revenge’

I purchased this 1989 Plymouth Voyager SE Turbo from Ohio, with 193k miles on the clock back in October 2019. It had 2 blown out motor mounts, 1 blown out transmission mount, 30 years of grease and grime under the hood, but had working A/C and ran with no issues. So I made up a list of go fast goodies and started ordering… Here is the current progress. All the work is being done by me, in my heated garage. Just because I have a fancy college degree doesn’t mean I can’t turn a wrench.

What I started with, bone stock under here
Stripped down the interior by removing all the insulation and padding before putting the carpet and front seats back in
The new headliner done by yours truly, and all the other panels put back in
The dirty, bone stock head and intake sitting on my work bench
Cleaned up the underside from years of carbon buildup
Attention to details: Cleaned up the head and intake. I wrinkle painted the intake and sanded the vanes with a dremel. Also lucked out and found someone selling a factory Shelby valve cover
A lot of elbow grease and a half gallon of LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner went in to degreasing the engine bay.