Welcome to the collection!

What started out with a 79 cent Hot Wheels purchase back in the early 1990s has turned into a full scale collection of vehicles, 127 of them over the years to be exact. April 17, 2005 was the day I bought my first car, which I still own. As of current times, I am a member of the Pitt Birds Thunderbird club (http://www.pittbirds.org ) along with being the co-chairman of the American car show with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (http://www.pvgp.org).

I am known locally as a smaller scale Jay Leno of sorts, and cars from my collection have been featured on many well known automotive websites such as Car and Driver, Jalopnik, Bring a Trailer, Cars and Bids, Barnfinds, and Bangshift. In October of 2018, my collection was featured on the front page of the local newspaper. My vehicles have been used as backdrops for celebrity autograph sessions as well as period correct film vehicles for TV shows. All of my vehicles are available, for rent, to be used in events, parades, commercials, advertisements, etc. Contact me for more information.

Some of the cars I am most known for include a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 “Twister” movie replica, a 1978 Dodge Monaco ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Sheriff Rosco replica, two custom built and modified by me 1989 turbo minivans, a 1991 Ford Explorer ‘JP05’ Jurassic Park tour vehicle replica I restored, and various retired emergency vehicles. I tend to buy odd, rare, low production, or low mileage original vehicles. Afterall, anyone can blend in while driving a gold Toyota Camry. Why not stand out from the crowd.